1. Hi mate, ive got yellow and brown spots on my leaves. Ive been growing in soil / compost and always had the ph level at 6.8.
    I gave it organic fertiliser with right dosage but just dont know what to do as the yellowing and browning is spreading to the top leaves.
    Ive given the plants a full ph flush a couple of days ago and pulled off the dead leaves. I also gave the plants some cal mag the other day. How long will it take for me to see signs of progression ? Im so lost its frustrating as hell lol

  2. Thank you so much man SUBSCRIBED. Our plants are experiencing an odd thing on the "early" or young shoots and leaves. They have a "whitish" or very light green appearence between the veins of the leaves and it's spotty. There is no bugs or anything like that. We're growing using fox farms ocean forest blend with RO water @ ~20 PPM while adding only 2ml of cal-mag per/gallon of water. I know 3 weeks in we can add up to 3-5 ml but we are holding off on that and just doing 2 ml to be safe and not to over feed since we're using fresh Fox Farms Organic Soil and not using a moss or whatever medium.

    I've looked at tons of pictures of what could be causing this weird appearance on our new growth and nothing really fits other than a potential magnesium deficiency which doesn't make sense since we're adding magnesium and using new soil…. The NEW growth leaves at the top aren't having this issue. I'm wondering if we just got a crappy blend of fox farms or something? Our last grow had 0 issues.

    P.S I've played with the PH and we run 6.3-6.7 PH each watering. I'm not SUPER picky about it but I try to hit around 6.5 when possible with RO 20 PPM water. With the liquid testing kit I try to hit an "army green" color or very slight green where it's indicating around a 6.5 PH.

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