Marijuana Educational Film with Sonny Bono

1968 anti-marijuana educational film narrated by Sonny Bono. An angry group of teens is arrested for smoking weed. They protest as arrested. Each of their …


  1. I see the difference in the drawings, the one where he’s stoned is better with the shading around the vases being more accurate and the arrangement of the vases, books and flowers. You can clearly see the difference.

  2. You can’t talk me into anything when I’m smoking marijuana because at that point I don’t care about whoever wants me to do what or what they might think of me because it allows me to more easily block that. So if somebody were to say, let’s some cocaine or some harder drugs, I’d walk in the other room or leave and would not care if they laughed at me. It’s easier to ignore bullshit and just laugh, but I never get dependent. I will not ever use anything further then marijuana.

  3. Cher said by 1968 the hits had dried up for her and Son and she wanted to work with other artists but Sonny was such a square and anti drug nobody would have anything to do with them , then came these series of "health" films he narrated and that was the nail in the coffin of their career until a resurgence in 1972

  4. Makes me want to smoke a big fat blunt. This is a perfectly good reason to boycott the war on drugs and denounce the DARE program. I went as far as to boycott my DARE graduation ceremony and reneg on attending. This is also a good reason to denounce health class in high school.
    Telling a minor under 21 not to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke cigarettes, smoke marijuana, or gamble is much the same as telling a minor under 21 to drunk alcoholic beverages, smoke cigarettes, smoke marijuana, or gamble. With 21 or older being the minimum age to partake in any vice and 18 being the minimum age to be an adult presents too little consistency. The legal age to partake in any vice in the United States should be 18 years old. If 18 years old is old enough to be an adult then it should be the legal age to partake in any vice one pleases.
    God Bless those teenagers for standing up for themselves and sticking it to the man.

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