Martha Stewart partners with cannabis company to develop CBD products

Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton on the company’s partnership with Martha Stewart and the future of CBD and marijuana in America. FOX Business Network …


  1. CBD is much better than taking pills. The government prefers society to take pills only because it puts more money in their pockets than what CBD does.

    Once the politicians have the marijuana industry lining their pockets with money, the CBD sector will explode

  2. Yeah but the Canada Will not tell you about the poor practices placing the buds in rollers and radiation on the buds the quality and unsafe buds they sale known as the government weed of Canada is very poor and you should use at your own risk it is known to have high quantity of pesticides and molds and meldew You should not trust there government weed as there practices are Unsafe and they are not screened and made sure there not giving you things that could harm you take it from people I watch every week on Pot TV Mark Emery and Jodie Emery and Cannabis Culture that shows you how corrupt and unsafe what you are smoking look them up for your self or do a research study on you tube and you will find moldy weed and unsafe weed you can also look and find these proof on Twitter Facebook and Instagram So be safe out there and don't buy from the Candandian Markt it is Unsafe. and they are useing radiation on there buts to strip off the tricones I have grown and smoked cannabis over 30+ years and I am telling you to find a good local or other state to rly on don't use Canada as a weed source there cannabis is poor and could Harm you. Don't take my word for it do your research and you will see for your self its not a joke and its not fake news Be safe #NoSafeCannabisCannada

  3. Right on Martha. Never would of guest! Great idea for medical and economy. It works and won't rot your liver or your brain unlike alcohol and the propaganda of the past would have you think.

  4. CBD is fantastic medicine, so is THC but that makes you high too, which is great for many other problems.
    I use cannabis, White Widow, which is 50% cbd and 50% thc, for PTSD.
    Done it for 20 years without the need for medicine or doctors. (Should be more to the CBD side, but i bennefit from THC too)
    Plant a seed and get free organic medicine with no harmful effects for the body. (Capitalism dont like the "free part")
    Dont use thc without cbd, thats why both is in the same plant. Not all can use thc, but everyone can use CBD.

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