Medical Cannabis Garden Update: Day 45 Fluence Spydrx Plus Buildasoil 4th Cycle Living Soil

A look into the bloom room at Day 45 since the plants were put into the flowering stage. Music: Mr. Pink by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena Day 37 Video …


  1. WOW Dude! I absolutely LOVE your grow room. I've been studying growing for years and have a few small grows under me, and recently I've been asked to cover all aspects of a setup for a guy who wants to get licensed. I'll run the operation and he'll be covering expenses. That being said, this is the first time I've really seen an indoor grow that mimics the looks of my outdoor plants that turned out to be the best flower I, and others who have used cannabis for over 40 years have ever had. Mostly do to all organics, TLC, and everything that we know today about the science available. Sooo, if you don't mind sir I'd like to ask you some questions if you could spare the time about this room of yours…

    1) The 4×4 beds. How high are they? What type of grow stone and layer of stone is in them? And could you elaborate on the "Bottom/Sub irrigated watering"? And did you say something like "soma sip"*?
    2)What's the 'Quest' machine up top?
    3)what dimensions is the grow room?
    4)The big black tub in the corner. Is that a water reservoir purifier/filtration system?
    5)Is this a flower room only? Are you growing the plants in the smaller containers full term in those containers? If so, why not just get 1 more big 4×4 bed?
    6)What's the material draped at the walls?
    7)Cover crop plants? What do you use and was there any particular reason for your choices?
    8)Lighting- I found your video looking up reviews of Fluence LEDs. Have you grown with other top lighting? I'm trying to cover all bases with lighting and looking to go big or go home if you will, and want to get the best quality even if I have to sacrifice 'some' quantity. Money not being an issue, I have lights picked out for some mothers and veg, but the flowering field seems pretty big. Currently I'm trying to narrow down between Phytomax2 1000, California Lightworks Solar System 1100+UVB, Cirrus T500, Spider Farmer 4000, Gavita Pro 1650e, and want to look into Electrox dual Spectrum and Seoul semi conductor Sunlike Series. As well now Fluence of course. What sold them for you? Do they have full spectrum including UV and IR/NIR?
    I could find that last question pretty quick no doubt but any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated as this seems to be about the type of flowering room and style grow I was looking to put together.
    Sorry for throwing so much at you but I am quite passionate about this and want to succeed with the best stuff out there.
    Many thanks in advance! Liked & Subbed. WILL

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