1. Ive known this since the late 1980s. Yet its still federally illegal in the USA, listed as schedule one drug with no medical value and high abuse level. Just another crock of shit from the DEA and Fed Govt. Big pharma pushing to keep it illegal too, remember they treat symptoms not the disease .

  2. A natural plant that's been around before mankind and they've taken it and make you jump thru hoops to get it legally.Big pharma wants you on pills like opiates which I now have been hooked on for 20 years. Still, I have no problems with pills except the price and getting them legally. Local pharmacists always think they have all the power over you and will fill your script depending on their mood! i.e. Sometimes they'll fill your script 2 days early and sometimes they won't.

    2 stupid fucking days. LOL! I've had them not fill one lousy day early at 8 pm at night! 4 hours later is the next day and technically legal to fill but the wanna be doctor who became a pharmacist instead doesn't FEEL like it.

    "Well you should have enough pills to last" << I've heard that argument so much I feel like becoming a mass shooter.That's not the point! I do have enough….but many times due to work I can't get to the pharmacy for a week. And god forbid you send a friend in to get it filled LOL! They won't even consider it!

    And yet u can go to CO. and just buy weed. I live in PA. which is the slowest and most backasswards state in the country to "get on board" with things like weed. I'm 53 now and used to smoke it daily all thru high school and I turned out fine. Have had a steady good paying job since then and never been arrested or even in the slightest trouble with anything except rolling a stop sign once in a blue.

  3. …An Alabama judge would laugh at this man as they sentence him to prison. Alabama doesn't care about anybody's health as long as Alabama can keep as many people locked up in prison for the simplest shit. The whole "Bible Belt" south is a fucking joke.

  4. Hi just wondering if Larry would contact me as I am fighting the same cause and had over 4.8 million views on Facebook and would like to connect with him.
    Thanks in advance

  5. this is fake 100% because that's not what parkisons is like,
    you don't get wild movements like he has with parkinsons,
    marijuana wouldn't do anything for parkinsons because some pot isn't gonna fix a dead part of your brain
    and afterwards he was almost completely normal, he had zero tremors, a person capable of that, doesn't have parkinsons disease.

    "we now know marijuana controls dyskensia" totally false, this whole video is false.

  6. My Best Friend was hit with this dreaded disease a few years ago. The symptoms are starting to show after 5 years now, I have sent him these videos. Neither of us used Pot growing up, we preferred the alcohol high. I still don't use at age 57 but I will grow it for him if he needs me to, I have plenty of friends who can show me the horticulture!

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