Medical Marijuana Seizures in Rolla and in Green County – Windshield Time

Officers in both Rolla and Green County Missouri have seized people’s medical marijuana recently. A group of protesters pitched tents Thursday evening in front …


  1. Great stuff man! Happy to see you nearing 1K subscribers, really enjoy the content and being informed of our local laws.

    One thing I would add to your statement about not driving stoned is while I agree there's really no reason to do it, we also don't have any science showing what the level of impairment drivers face is. When we put drunk driving laws on the books we had science backing things up. At X level of blood alcohol, the average person will face Y amount of impairment that we deem to be unsafe. As far as I can tell there's really been no discussion on how we could establish that driving under the influence is actually impairing someone more than say caffeine or just being tired or the like.

    It will be curious going forward as the push towards full legalization continues and new technologies emerge to see where the law ends up on these things. I think we all know about the guy who is so affected by marijuana that he falls into a coma after a few hits and clearly he shouldn't be behind the wheel. But then you also have someone like Joe Rogan who smokes it and then works out with world class fighters for 3 hours straight because he says it makes him better and dozens of other fighters at the top of their field (doing quick, dangerous activities that require immense reaction speeds and clarity of thought) are doing so as well.

    So much more study needs to be done into this sort of thing and I'm curious if we'll end up even with say a ban on driving under the effects of Indica versus Sativa or the like. Hopefully we can reschedule the substance federally very soon so that broad research into these issues becomes possible.

    Thanks again for the videos Pat! Good luck hitting 1,000!

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