Medical Marijuana: The Cure for EVERYTHING!? …apparently

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  1. Oh forever wise me altcoinxp donning his Dr hat to give us advise he spent 10 seconds learning about. Marijuana has been proven for thousands of years to treat these conditions. Way back to the Incas, Mayans, and Azteks. Saying there is no research proving its benefits is just dumb.

  2. I didn't think it would be useful for many of those things, but I use it for my seizures. It's the only thing that really helps. I tried various "proven" pills, and those caused me more problems than I was having without the pills.
    With my seizures, I go from convulsions or partial paralysis to functioning like a normal human, even running down the beach, within a minute of using cannabis.
    I've got a few videos demonstrating its effectiveness, and plan on doing more as I head out on the road with my RV.

    But I did have a landlord that had used cannabis oil/cream on skin cancer on his ear, and he still ended up having to have part of his ear removed… so it's not entirely a cure all miracle. But it does work for many things.

    Hope you had a decent Christmas and New Years. Be well!

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