Missouri Medical Marijuana Draft Rule Update: Qualified Patient/Caregiver

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services released a number of revised draft regulations for medical marijuana. This video will focus on the …


  1. I'm just gonna hold out for recreational, this is a joke, always gotta have their nose in some one else's business, sounds like the wrong people got control of the situation, same people probably go home and take meds that kill 100,000s of people, government is only about the money not the people, cant just legalize it and step out the way nope they gotta come around with the collection plate

  2. Thank you for making these videos. I definitely appreciate them and the "plain english" you use, instead of the legal jargon I don't understand. Your work is most definitely appreciated!

  3. I'm intending to become a consultant and caregiver by the end of the year and I have been searching for a lawyer to advise me on the nuances of the law in regards to caregiving. Is there a way for me to get in contact with you?

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