Missouri Medical Marijuana Quick Hit – Patient Cards

DHSS stepped up and got the patient cards and cultivation cards out the door. Get to know fellow cultivators. Try a meet-up. Be safe. We have a big project …


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  2. I received my patient card and cultivation permit yesterday. Call Health City MD in st Louis. Over the phone face to face interview with Dr Thomas. Take the info they give you and fill out the medical marijuana patient application on the Missouri DHSS website, pay the fees and two days later you will get your card and cultivation authorization via email.

  3. If it clearly states your are legal in you limits and doesn't say you do or dont have to wait on the dispensaries isn't that there mess up if you get it going without getting caught transporting and staying within your limits how can they take something legal if there is a clause in the paperwork on how to start

  4. Since it doesn't specifically address where to get your seeds or clones and you have received your cultivation certificate already can you plead the 5th and they cant prove where you got you starts especially with proper documentation

  5. Iam having a problem getting my neroligest to recommend she would rather I get 32 botox shots every 12 weeks. Of course its 3200 dollars each round. I lived in Washington state and grow medical for five year and went to doctor o times. I've been in Missouri two years and been to doctors over 10 with no relief. I need a doctor so I can grow my own medicine.

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