What’s Going on Everybody! My name is Leer & today i have a MoonRock oil cartridge for you guys by Dr.Zodiak. #MOONROCKCLEAR …


  1. Since I am on at an iPhone 5c… I have to remember my comments till the end. There's a slight hum in the background when you watch this video. But you have to be listening to it on iPads but you'll hear it it's kind of creepy. Good job by the way. It was quick.

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  3. I got the same Razzle as you bro, I had to watch to make sure my shit was legit, (I purchased from a certified dealer on weedmaps) apparently when they get low on the carts they use the same light/baby blue carts for all flavors. I was pretty confused at first because besides the blue cart it came in, everything else looks legit.

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