1. Dude you're two wolf talk right at the beginning had me right off my dad had that shitt pounded into my head like a f**** oil drill when I was a kid I've been puffing since I was like thirteen man I used to steal the shit from my parents my life is not in complete disarray or anyting matter of fact I'm the most put together person that I know in my real life but I didn't realize how absolutely f*** up I was until I started looking into how negatively marijuana actually impacts meit's all s*** you can't see until someone who's been there since you down punches you in the face and says look at what the f*** you're doing to your life thank you I needed that punch sir I will be looking into more of your vids Gina be hard in Colorado shits like alcohol around here man

  2. I’ve quit weed many times but still struggle with it and have to quit it again. But answering your question about the purpose of life, to me the most important thing is saving souls and getting people to heaven. Weed slows all this down and can prevent us from getting there.

    I just want anybody who is struggling with this addiction to know that God can cure it and he will but you need to pray and ask for help. He’s cured my addiction as well but I decided on my own to go back to it.

    May peace be with you all 🙏🏻

  3. I quit today after about 14 years and a couple attempts… I always fall back after a couple of weeks… But now for the first time i can feel smoking is harming me since a short period of time.

  4. Day 1 here again. Amongst the many other problems everyday smoking has caused me like binge eating and terrible sleep habits, I feel it has really been a barrier between me and my spirituality. I thought it helped, turns out I just feel dull and at a lower vibration after smoking, less connected to everything all around me. Ready to work on myself finally and who knows what the future holds. Great video man, discipline is key.

  5. Just quit weed after 24 years of daily use. It was hell to quit, but I thank God now I'm free and feeling great. Thank you for your videos they do help us 9% who struggled!

  6. I feel like i have lost alot the fact that i cant find work is messing with my head 3 years still struggling lost all friends and have no life just smoke i want to better myself and future and never lost sight but idk anymore even as i type this just feel empty

  7. I’m smoking weed watching this🤦🏻‍♂️ man I really need help quitting smokin weed I’m trynna join the military and I’m really struggling, I fr have a shit life not trynna sound desperate but I’m for real man I honestly hate my life, I feel like I’m going no where in life tbh I have motivation issues, and other help brother I can get I’ve tried working out and it does help, imma go run the trail on my 2 days off work, I’m usually doing push ups and sit ups lmao but I still find myself smoking weed, everyone around me smokes weed, I tell em I’m quitting they treat me different, it’s hard brother, I will keep watching your vids man tmrw is a new day, tmrw will be first day not smoking I promise myself. But imma rewatch the vid brother GOD BLESS MAN

  8. I’m on probation so I’m forced to quit. without being caught I would have have quit. I truly was possessed by evil spirits. Now that I’m sober and clean I can see this reality for what it really Is and weed opens the doors for demonic possession. I remember things would get dark and wicked when I was high, not speaking about how weird things would get sexually. The entire point and push of this weed legalization is to control people and keep them at a low frequency. Weed truly kills you spiritually, Jesus is the only way! I thank God that I was arrested because without quitting and not being sober minded as God tells us to be, I would have never have received the Holy Spirit of God. Repent!

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