Natural Remedies (Elderberry, Fire Cider, CBD, Gemstone Mat)

Hey guys! I wanted to share some remedies I’ve been using for battling illness and pain in our home.. I’ve been struggling with chronic pain flare ups for the past …


  1. I grow catnep too. Love it. My dog even self-medicates by just helping herself to it adn chewing the leaves. I have had to raise a few plants off the ground as she has completely demolished one of the plants already. She is full of energy after and running around like a puppy. She's 10yrs old. I also grow self-heal which she likes too. I use it in tea blends so far.

  2. Love this video, you look amazing by the way, and I can't believe how much you little boy has grown, please do more of these videos being vegan I'm really interested in natural remedy's I don't use honey but there are loads of alternatives to use instead.

  3. Thanks for sharing all of these amazing remedies Rachel! We really appreciate the support and hope you are feeling the amazing effects of CBD.

    We have loads more info on our channel and some fun CBD recipes too!

    Sending lots of chill vibes! 😀

  4. In my life biggest change when i subscribed your channel..thank you so much for your amazing videos and tips…your videos are very calming..lots of love rachel…😘😘😘😘😘

  5. Hi Rachel, I have been enjoying you’re videos for a couple of years now and always feel inspired by them. I also have two children (boy & a girl). I always notice you’re Pilate machine and have always been curious (can you do a tutorial on it).
    Thank you so much, and keep the inspiration going!!!

  6. Since CBD isn't regulated by the FDA, do you have any recommendations or strategies of going about finding a reputable company/supplier of a CBD product? My biggest worry is about making sure what the company is reporting is actually in their product. I have heard many stories about overdosing in the ER, since I'm in the healthcare field.

  7. Oooh, I have another video idea! What about discussing some personality tests like the Meyers Briggs and Enneagram?! Nikki Phillipi and Carah Amelie have each touched on the Enneagram just as reference. You could approach it as self care by understanding oneself and showing patience for oneself. I'd love to hear what personality type you and Byron are from those tests! It'd be fun!

  8. After grandma's arrested, jailed at Disney for carrying CBD oil, I have no idea if I can legally order it or not. CBD oil is legal in America, but at the same time not. If that makes sense… Which it doesn't. Is mailing CBD oil legal?

  9. Thanks for sharing! I def want to try out some of this stuff especially the Elderberry syrup. Just be careful about recommending CBD products to people because the FDA is holding a hearing over CBD in products. Many people have reported negative side effects with CBD so now the FDA is stepping in to investigate. People should be aware that just because an ingredient is “of the earth” does not mean it’s good for each persons health. 🙂

  10. I absolutely love your girlfriend's CBD bath products. Bought plenty when I visited Las Vegas and the bath bombs are great for all over and back pain. And they are super pretty and smell great! I would love to see you make some with your de-stress herbs (lemon balm and chamomile) Cheers!

  11. Dear Rachel, lovely video as always… I just wanted to recommend using an acupressure mat like this one against back pain… it really relaxes your muscles… I own one myself and it´s one of the best purchases I´ve ever made 🙂 Hope this helps 🙂 (not sponsored or affiliated in any way)

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