NEW Air Force MEDICAL WAIVER POLICIES! Marijuana use, Asthma, ADHD, Eczema

The Air Force EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY just changed their medical waiver policies for the following things; Asthma, ADHD, Eczema, and prior marijuana usage …


  1. I have one misdemeanor charge. It's NOT drug related. I violated probation because I admitted to smoking weed and getting drunk at a party. They placed me in a drug court program instead of throwing me in jail. I completed the program and I am now off probation. Should I be honest about my previous drug use and try to get a waiver? Could MEPS find out about drug court even though it doesn't show up on my state background check? I want to join the Navy. I am scared of getting disqualified.

  2. Does the air Force do a blood test? How do they know you've been off for 15 months? I need my medication but I can function fine without out it for a few weeks to pass bootcamp

  3. I have tricare and have been prescribed antidepressants i was told by a recuiter recently i should be off them for a year and prove im okay off them and i should be okay if i get my doctor to write a letter. And since im on tricare now they said i should disclose this info to avoid very possible repercussions. What do you think

  4. Hi Kyle I have a L5 S1 protruding disc that I might have to get surgery on and I’m trying to join the Air Force would that disqualify me to get in or I can get a waiver for it??

  5. This video pretty much brought me to tears yo. It’s been many years since I been turned away from serving my country because the history of my asthma. And this video just give me a little more hope.

  6. Can the miltary see if you had a medical marijuana card in the past or is that protected by HIPAA. Should I lie about prior use and take the chance of getting denied a waiver or be straight up

  7. Can the miltary see if you had a medical marijuana card in the past or is that protected by HIPAA. Should I lie about prior use and take the chance of getting denied a waiver or be straight up

  8. I'm so passionate about joining the Army and going to ROTC to become an officer as a career, but I've had a huge and stressful contemplation ever since I got Seborrheic Dermatitis at 10 years old. It covers my scalp and behind my ears but I really am afraid that it could be misinterpreted as Psoriasis or anything that will disqualify me, heck I don't even know if my current condition hinders me already. I've lived with it and it doesn't hurt nor do I have a need to scratch since I've lived with it for so long but I know I will be devastated to go through MEPS and be rejected on my one true passion of becoming an Enlisted Officer. I've done the ASVAB and I am an IB and Honors student but I want to serve and do what I have a keen passion in, and just because my scalp is pinkish and I have dandruff doesn't mean I don't have the ability to serve my country in an honorable way. I just wish the Army can change that, because MEPS is my only fear and that's the only thing I need to complete to join.

  9. i only called like a pre recruiter and they asked hella questions including had i ever smoked and i had but only weed and literally only 4 times in the span of like 4 months and i told my brother in the army that i’d told the recruiter this and he was like i shouldn’t have and that i might need to talk to another recruiter lol its not like it was crack or that i’d been a regular user like my neck tattoo is more likely to lessen my chances

  10. Hi all, I’m currently trying to enlist with the Air National Guard and I went to MEPS a few weeks ago and passed everything besides the depth perception test, which I failed horribly at. The MEPS doctor TDQ’d me and referred me to an ophthalmologist exam which I took 3 days ago, and was diagnosed with keratoconus in my right eye. With glasses my vision is correctable to a certain extent, and with contacts correctable to 20/30.

    After doing some research online I found keratoconus is disqualifying and the waiver approval rate is highly unlikely. My recruiter is willing(and already doing so) to go ahead and try and start a waiver process for me. I have had my doubts since then, but still a little hopeful until I get a straight up answer from the USAF/my recruiter, has anyone heard of success stories with Keratoconus?

  11. What happens if you have a Misdemeanor on your record?? Can you get disqualified for it?? Or get a waiver? And what if you medical history record says that you use to be prescribed antidepressants as adolescent but do not use them now nor have for years? Does that look bad to the airforce?

  12. Hey I'm trying to enlist into the Airforce and right now I'm waiting to get a waiver because when I was 12 my pancreas was inflamed but totally recovered from it everyone at MEPS said it would most likely get approved but I'm just anxious on the results.

  13. I was hospitalized when I took ecstasy at a rave about 3-4 years ago. Should I bring this up to the recruiter? I also recently got diagnosed with ADHD a few weeks ago – I NEED CLARITY

  14. Does anyone know if post irritation discoloration is disqualifying? About a month ago I used a foot mask that irritated my skin causing a rash. The rash itself is completely gone but I still have bad scaring. My dark spots are spread out and some clustered. Also what should I say to not get disqualified? Someone please answer I ship out on Monday 🙏🏼

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