Off-Grid Cannabis Cultivation & Harvesting (Part 1): Pete Pietrangeli & Tyler Trudeau / Green Flower

Remote locations call for innovation. Acme Elixirs’ Pete Pietrangeli and Tyler Trudeau guide you through their off-grid, light-dep cannabis farm in this first …


  1. Too much man made stuff for me if you are truelly cultivating of farming is more about being less as possible as part of the process and try not control the grow so much and let mother nature bless you with her gift. i think this a market that will never be fullfil by automation and such style of grows that some people will always like something as natural as possible.

  2. Question. Once the water fills the tank, how are the nutrients added in?. Manually, or via a mixture in another tank?. Also how do you insure the river water you're receiving is contaminate free from it's source?. Looking forward to Part II.

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