Olivia Newton John's husband grows her cannabis for medicinal use

Olivia Newton-John is just one person advocating for the incredible benefits medicinal cannabis has for those in pain. The new Australian documentary High As …


  1. i thank you for putting these shows up and iam glad she is doing well,but all i see and hear is you have to go to the USA or be very rich to get your meds here in Australia other wise you suffer. thats it no 2 ways about it, no looking for other answers or NOTHING .you have to have money ,or be some one famous to get this help .every one here in Australia should just shut up and take your opiates like a good little boy. it want cure you but it will prolong your miserable life while on it.

  2. no but wait arent doctors and their teacher Big Pharma the absolute authority on everything health and anything outside of there circle of influence must be wrong , i have met people at seminars some of whom were australian MD's who they themselves after chemo etc etc were told to go home and get their affairs in order as the modern medicine had not been able to cure them of whatever cancer it was that they had, anyway these patients went strict organic vegan no sugar at all and things like hemp oil and/or high quality organic suppliments and years later after being told there was no hope for them theyre still here cancer free, wasnt easy but its very impressive when it happens .talk to doctor about this and theyll laugh at you ridicule you, i know from experience .


    Thank you, John Easterling
    True blue aussie luv & well wishes, Olivia Newton-John

    Thank you, Cannabis Club Australia

  4. Just how many stories do we have to hear and how many individuals have to be denied the option before politicians wake up? It’s pathetic that the stigma from misinformation decades ago still leaves public opinion divided although the negative appears to now be the minority

  5. We need to follow the smart, forward thinking countries like Canada and Netherlands, and many states in the US. Legalized and regulated cannabis could actually be the kickstart Australias economy needs.

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