Opening Jack Herer 19.6% THC Truflower Vaporizer Cups – Florida Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Part 2: This time I’m opening up Truflower Vaporizer Cups from Trulieve filled with Jack Herer sativa dominant hybrid flower stated …


  1. They don't even make these any more in there's only about two kind of buds at trueleave the rest garbage in sativa hype s you up need that go by a soda alot cheaper in work out in there oil pens suck at nothing like Colorado in California kind way better in better lights to once you let the white jew in it it's all gone bring back the 70s in 9os weed way better in sticker to hydro in mids indica way better back then when men weren't girls like this new pussy fyed world in grew good in were strong in wernt worried about county petty time sneeze roller over you out I always new once the white man got into it weed game gone good luck out there don't smoke salt coffee in fake buds in weed make you into a zombie or gay or stupid back in days so much better 💪✌🍁🍁

  2. But all jokes aside the ceramic shouldn't hurt itll actually help it burn but the dust particles seem way more hazardous at higher temp. Cuz it stays hot a while(I always mix up if it's the quarts or ceramic that is the one what stays hot longer but both have a very high melting temp which is why we use them to dab cuz of these features but I digress) I could see it getting dangerous if it's inhailed as the dust! It might I assume scratch the shit out of ones lungs throat and veins possibly more holy shit and if it were inhailed and made it that far as well as if it's heated up a lot yah. But nah if smoked through a water bong with a lot of bells n whistles the more the better but even 1 chamber's fine as long as there's water in it and ur not using the dab torch temp to smoke ur floridium mined flower 🤣🤣 that had me dying btw lmao. Any way I'm no Dr just another patient smoking a pre roll of the same strain and dam did THOSE buds look nice up close sooo much kief crystals. I WISH I COULD make my own rosin! Cuz it looks fun and it cleans it makes it healthier. Anyways I'm out thanks for the laughs

  3. Lmao peak satire. Gotta get all mine craft to get that floridium out it's the most rare thing in the world of this map u need enter the portal and use a trusty only rusty pick axe lol. And I bet smoking chunks of glass/ ceramic nah nah nah fine for the health of floridium ceramics miners lmao

  4. AhahahaAHAHAGA!! I always whistle that song jokingly if I’m workin hard with tools or something …. lol good info too man….. don’t forget: “was a miner 49er, and his daughter Clementine/blue dream/cali – O haha

  5. Let's go fully legal 💪 2020 recreation marijuana let's go Vote I already did , looks good to me , should be selling quarter pound bags already

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