Outdoor Cannabis Grow best tips for Harvesting, drying and trimming your buds

outdoorgrow #harvest #cannabis This this video we talk about my outdoor grow and how I harvest trim and dry my plants. This is a legal marijuana grow and …


  1. Nice video. I harvest straight off the plant now, Ive been in that situation with weed hanging and it takes me soooooo much longer to cut the dry leaf. Right off the plant, then hang it and it looks amazing. But I deal with huge amounts by myself, so I find that suits me. Plus I find the drying leaf has a differn't smell that takes away from the plant. Just my 2 cents. Cheers.

  2. Yeah that freeze is a killer here in Michigan. The rain also. I cut small spots of mold every year too. The temperature range is a bitch too. Too hot during flowering, causing leafy buds. I need a green house ..with a removable top..and electricity. Hmm..

  3. If you bend the stem and it snaps or breaks into instantly the bud is dry and ready to cure. If the stem bends or bends too much before it breaks it's not done drying. The big water leaves always dry first.

  4. i will just tell you what i think and you can figure out why , i think boiling wateris good for greens . and i think marawana can build up a lot of fat in it , i think metals take the fat out if desired .

  5. Want better up closeup shots go grab a small magnifying glass and attach to phone works great I used a Swiss army knife magnifying glass cut it off the knife and glued it to my phone it's almost like a macro lens

  6. my lady's tired of my weed plant in the backyard that I was wondering if I can Harvest early it's honest 7th week you think if I harvest it the beginning of the 8th week but I'll get some sort of high or at least is it worth it

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