Outdoor grow 2019 (update 8) flowering week 2

want to say thanks to everyone… you guys been very patient with me…thanks to all the comment good or bad…sorry i took so long to upload a video but here you …


  1. Do what you can bro, don't let the negativity get to you, your a better person, stay positive, remember grow your own garden, it is beautiful, motivation is the key to success.

  2. Thank you I believe you presented
    That very well.iam a old school grower you. Are close to the cup .just a few things .like light.i mean sun lite.try tieing them down.like you were growing peas.open up the center. Allow light in to the center.i wish you could see my plants.took four years to this strain. Thc right now..0030.thats very good. Sativa. And October harvest time although I have a few high bread. That will be comeing on soon.hood luck. Keep a green thumb .

  3. All the underneath looking clean clean that's the ticket buddy sorry about the negative people hey it's just we all want to learn how to be professional and Growers you know what I mean that's always in the heart of all of us when we decide this is what we want to do we're all guilty of it one way or another be in the negative but nevertheless man I always tried to keep a positive word for the marijuana growers who are showing their videos because this is how we're all starting to learn we're all helping each other I don't make videos but I'm just saying thank you I like you plants the plants look good man I like how you keep all that underneath clean that lower canopy looks clean clean good job partner love you videos sorry about the negative people we don't mean to be that way we just want our Bud to be better than ever everybody else's everybody's guilty that man but anyway have a good day thank you for your videos

  4. Used ProTech from Dyna Gro run half a teaspoon per gallon clone two three weeks before Harvest it will take care of your spider mites been using it for 3 years it definitely wipes them out the mites eat the leaves don't like the taste and they die 100% Dyna Gro ProTech

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