1. Awesome Twisted…let the plants speak for you! LoL.i would love to talk about growing.ive learned alot from you and no-no ,also Kaligrown budz…I would like to talk about both indoor and outdoor grows. I have two rooms using 2ft LED industrial high Bay lights from home Depot equivalent to a 400w HPS light 5000k Is this okay for me to be using in both veg and flower,,, and how far do I need to keep my light in flower from the plants..this is only the start of class at Twisted school of hard nugz. I thank you for your help… I also will be contacting you for some new Bean's. I love my sour Diesel and GSC strains all of them are yummy!!!!!!!! Here's my G-mail (biganthony672@gmail.com) again THANK THANKS AND THANK YOU ..I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING BUT OLD HOME GROWN SEEDS WHICH I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT. IT WAS GOOD IT GREW WELL JUST ONE HERMED OUT AND I GOT SEEDS PLANT WAS VERY GOOD FOR THROWING IT IN THE GROUND OUT IN THE COUNTRY AND COME BACK IN OCTOBER ..LOL NO MORE OF THAT FOR ME MY FRIEND…..

  2. Bro I'm new to the channel is my first time growing outside I have a female plant size of your plans but I was wondering when does it start flowering again it's an outdoor sativa plant 5 foot tall

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