Partially Compensated vs Fully Compensated Uncompensated ABGs Interpretation Tic Tac Toe Method

Uncompensated and compensated (partial or full) arterial blood gas ABG interpretation. This video will demonstrate how to solve partially vs. fully compensated …


  1. On Tuesday I sit my final exam of my Bachelor of Nursing. I have not, in the last five years, been able to work this out. Watched both videos and now I get it…..did the quiz and YES I GET IT woohooooo. Thank you so much!! Awesome videos, highly recommend them. Shannon (Australia)

  2. You did such an amazing job explaining this. Thank you so much. I took your online quiz and missed only one and it was because I wrote it down wrong and NOT because I didn't know what I was doing. Thanks again! :+)

  3. I’m study for the PTA exam and my professors gave me a sheet of lab values and did not tell me what they meant. But your videos help me so much! Even though I’m not a nursing student.

  4. Wow, Thank you! I've been a nurse for many years & now you've made this subject so clear for me where before I didn't really understand…especially because the RTs mainly handled ABGs & subsequent interventions where I worked so I didn't have the chance to put this into practice to gain experience. Now, its clear to me. Thanks again!

  5. Couldn't believe HOW MANY YEARS I struggled understanding ABG but still failed to do so, until I saw your video and was able to understand how it works in less than an hour! An awesome and a great teacher could really go a long way. Wished you were my Clinical Instructor back in College. It could have been an amazing experience! For sure you will be one of my favorite Instructors 🙂 Thank you so much for making this video. I am now one of your subscribers.

  6. I was having a hard time making this click with the way we were being taught. I happened upon your video and everything became clear! Thank you so much! I passed my test. 🙂

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