Pass a Drug Test (THC) in 2 Hours for Dirt Cheap w/ Certo – 98% Guaranteed (Semi-Live Experiment)

This was my first time trying Certo (a product that everyone SWEARS by). Did it work? Watch the video in its entirety to see step by step, first hand, how it worked …


  1. i had a pre employment drug test at labcorp smoke weed daily smoked the night before drank a certo woke up at 10:30 drank another one didn’t smoke all day until test at 2 pm and everything is negative, unless my employer didn’t want to fire me or something happened with the test results, this shit worked, i thought i was screwed

  2. Guys I did this the night before and morning off and I passed my drug test and got the job!!! I go to orientation next week 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😭😭😭😭 thank you god

  3. I tried the Certo method.

    I drank 1 packet yesterday and another one today (day of the test)

    Today I drank Certo with Gatorade and a red bull and lots of water. Started the process at 11:11 took the test at 1:50.

    Lady at the lab said “this is water”

    I replied: “it’s my pee I drink a lot of water”

    I’ll keep y’all updated.

  4. Anyone done this over a long pwruod of time to flush system completely? I get 6 months in jail if I test positive for FUCKING WEED again so Im hoping a few weeks of drinking this plus already have a 2 week head start on not smoking will equal a clean natural test. Plz send advice/ experiences

  5. Here’s what I do. I smoke ONE joint after I leave the probation office then drink plenty of water up till my next check up and repeat that each month. Also eat a lot during the flush process so your pee is yellow.

  6. For future use: I followed the steps exactly. My test was positive for marijuana and also creatinine (not creatine) which is a substance used to mask drug tests. So I got caught with weed and also trying to fake the drug test with this claro bull shit that you're advertising. I hope people dont get as screwed as me because of you. I have to serve jail time now. I appreciate the willingness to help other stoners but for real this is wack as hell

  7. I drunk both packs of certo with a Gatorade and then half a gallon of water. And then took the test 5 hours later but didn’t know it would take that long do you think i passed? I haven’t smoked in about two weeks though.

  8. It's works guys


    UA for probation she tested it and asked why my pee was fluorescent in color but I said "isn't that how it looks? I've been drinking a lot of water and usually it looks really dark."

    I took at 7am with red Powerade and Certo mix with 4 pills like the ones he was showing in the video, then drank a full water bottle and felt the stream coming you might piss yourself but hold it in.

    Don't stress no more brothers and sisters. Just be straight until the day we are free again.

    Fuck the system.

  9. Hey so, on the day of the test…you drink certo first and then wait two hours but in the meantime in the two hour wait drink drink drink and pee pee pee. After 2 hours test yourself?

  10. I have a test Monday, been drinking a lot of water everyday since Tuesday, been taking vitamin b12 since Friday. Bought vitamin b complex today and am gonna drink two packs of certo the night before and two the day of I really hope this works it’s making me very nervous

  11. Pre-Employment Drug Testing is only done in the USA. All my German coworkers from Germany never had to drug test to get their job because it's actually illegal in most European countries and same with Japan. The thought that coke/meth/heroin addicts are more likely to pass a pre-employment drug test than a pot smoker is an absolute disgrace on America's part.

  12. You should’ve drunk the Gatorade down a little, poured the certo into the Gatorade, shake it really good, drink it fast! Fill that same gatorade bottle up with water and drink it fast! The first two will be dirty! The third time you pee will be clean! Certo is gelatin. Great video tho!

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