PC Grow Box V.2 – Growing Dwarf Auto Cannabis in a Computer!

Hi everyone! Here’s an update on the new PC grow system! I’ve been growing Dwarf Lowflyer from Crop King Seeds for about 45 days now – she’s 30 days into …


  1. Hey man, how was the odor with the door opened constantly? I have 2 closet plants growing atm and even with a maintained negative pressure & carbon filter some febreze is frequently called to action.

  2. Hey there, nice setup. I'm setting up a PC case. Do you have any experience with COB led lights? I'm thinking a single 50w light however, I'm not sure if it would be too intense for such a short distance.

  3. Been doin research in micro grows..with airfilter hows the smell if the case was closed..noticeable or barely noticeable??even wondered with the other build you had. Thanks

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