1. Doesn't like government taking your money at gunpoint but willing to give Bernie a try. Doesn't like Trump.
    And he's only gotten worse since this video. Just watch his ORIGINS PODCAST with Lawrence Krauss. Into gender identity also.

  2. Roads??? LOL. That shit was figured out long before government. In Los Angeles right now they're trying to get the "carpool lanes" turned into pay to use lanes. There's libertarianism for you, except it's just another way to tax. (meaning, if the roads were private it would have already been figured out. Just like the early NY subway. The gov just figured out that they could use those principles and make money, like a private org could have done in the first place). Fuck "roads" as necessary analogy for socialism.

  3. I was with him on just about everything except the "get a woman and a person of color". I'd like to depend on something other than tribalism to make sure our government representatives work for everyone equally.

  4. I am Anarchist in my political slant, do as you please but cause no harm, as can be determined by a jury of peers should need arise. Candidates are now chosen by banks and corporations and no one who wants to put the People first has a chance to win. Electoral College determines the next president, and they are selected by politicians who are owned by corporations. Address the Constitutional treason that occurs daily in government and throw them all out. Do away with the Electoral College and COUNT VOTES. Remove corporate influences by making every donation public record with investigation into every one of them and full disclosure of the results. Make the People aware of who named someone as candidate, and do it like schools where every candidate must be nominated to run. Use local elections, then districts, then counties, then states, then national, with the people actually involved in the process. And, no matter who enters what office, make sure the Constitution is the final word. No one has the right to issue orders that I must follow, but no one should have to worry that I will not help any time, and in any way, that I can should the need arise. Civil Rights imply Civil Responsibility. Authority is a burden to be shared, not wielded.

  5. The comment section to this video shows just how childish and unreasonable people are when it comes to political videos. The man states his views honestly and yes does lean to one side but does also bash that side multiple times and the top comments of this video seem to have somehow missed that whole point. Also calling Penn idiotic simply for not having the same view point as you or not being as educated in this one subject as you makes you sound idiotic. A man can speak his mind without having every single fact or else no man would speak and him being wrong on one subject does not mean he knows nothing about another. How self rightous and ignorant are some people is astonishing.

  6. Jesus christ there are some real cunts in this comment section. The dude can't just talk and share his thoughts? Goddamn. Not saying I agree entirely but fuck you guys are just straight assholes

  7. He expressed libertarian views in very slight ways and then went on a socially democratic, anti-capitalism tangent and backtracked his views a few times. I love penn, and I didn’t dislike hearing his opinion, I enjoy hearing different views on the same subjects, I actually think that the form of the interview probably didn’t allow him to carefully elaborate in his political views because I don’t think he knew this question is coming. Of course a person should be prepared to defend their views but they kind of went, “You’re a libertarian, right?” “Yeah” “Hmm, elaborate…….”

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