Phenobarbital in Dogs – the Best Epilepsy and Seizure Treatment? – Dog Health Vet Advice

Penobarbital is one of the most common drugs used in the treatment of dog epilepsy and to control seizures. Before starting, you need to know how well it works, …


  1. Happy New Year and thanks for the informative video! Do you think there's any link between Phenobarbital and Pancreatitis? I was reading something about the combination of taking KBr and Pheno can cause Pancreatitis but was wondering if taking Pheno alone can also cause it?

  2. Thanks for the information doc . My staffie has epilepsy and he has been on phenobarb for about a month their has been some changes in his behavour and the fits he has now are shorter and not as bad as the first 4 he had but he dose tend to have more short ones in one day though

  3. My tiny chihuahua and best buddie for 15 years was on this medication for his seizures he had from birth. Unlike most medications this one had no adverse side effects and he lived a long life I know because of this med. I would dip the pill in coconut oil and gently slip it down his throat or coat it in a piece of meat. THe oil helped his coat and mental alertness till his peaceful last breath. Im very grateful to my vet for prescribing this for him.

  4. Hoping this info is the same for cats… I adopted a stray kitten and my vet prescribed him this medicine. We are still working through occasional seizures, but it seems like more than others claim so idk. I’m at a loss but I just want him to live and be happy.

    ….I spoil the crap out of this awesome, brilliant little guy, but seeing him in full grand mall seizures weekly makes me wonder if I’m doing the right thing. Is this the right drug? Have I given it long enough? Does he need more? Is it the grains in the food? Has he gotten into some poison before I found him? Idk. We’ve tested for feline leukemia, liver issues, etc… no answers. Just drubbing this baby and I see the side effects. He’s still wonderful. But I just wish there was more info to back up treatments and the “diagnosis”. It’s clearly still not well understood. We need more research!

  5. this had no effect on my dog he still had seizures put him on cbd oil twice a day and not 1 in over 60 days compared to 3 every 15 days or so. I wasnt the expensive stuff it cost around £ 26.00 for 30 mil which at 6 drops twice a day is a bargain.

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