1. This such a lie, kkk maybe you won't go to jail but if you have such a gram o pot or hash you most probably going to court or so kkk it really depends on de police

  2. Portuguese are so deluded that they talk about their rich history 500 years ago but the conditions nowadays are totally different Portugal won't survive without EU their economy is so bad and they so lazy and they are so poor not just by financially but as a.person they are so jealous of immigrants living a good and prosperous life because immigrants work hard and Portuguese don't want to work but they don't want to work u know they don't realise that their economy would crash without immigrants. If you look in every restaurant and agricultural fields all the workers are mostly immigrants and though they don't want immigrants here

  3. Marijuana should be legalized though so people who are not experienced with the harms and benefits of each substance that is scheduled. They will be able to differentiate between relatively safe to most dangerous by knowing that the relatively safe ones are being sold in stores like alcohol and cigarettes for adults 21+ or 19+ 18+ like in Canada.

  4. People need to be responsible for what they do. They control the demand. The government should buy up the heroin supply and take the money out of it. There are trillions being spent on drug control but it doesn't work. You can still buy heroin on any street corner. Tell your elected official that you want to take a different approach to the war on drugs.

  5. Podemos viver seguros? Existe um filme que nos diz:

    "Deus amou tanto o mundo que deu o seu único filho, para que todo aquele que nele crer não pereça, mas tenha a vida eterna" (João 3:16).

    "Todos pecaram e ficaram destituídos da glória de Deus"; Romanos 3:23

    "O salário do pecado é a morte, mas o dom gratuito de Deus é a vida eterna em Cristo Jesus nosso Senhor." Romanos 6:23

    "Eu sou o caminho, a verdade e a vida: ninguém vem ao Pai, mas por mim." João 14.6

    "Cristo morreu por nossos pecados de acordo com as escrituras, e ele foi sepultado, e no terceiro dia ele se levantou novamente de acordo com as Escrituras" 1 Coríntios. 15: 3-4

    "Em quem temos a redenção pelo seu sangue, o perdão dos pecados, segundo as riquezas da sua graça." Efésios 1: 7

    Romanos 10:
    9 Se confessares com a tua boca o Senhor Jesus, e em teu coração creres que Deus o ressuscitou dentre os mortos, então serás salvo.
    13 Porque todo aquele que invocar o nome do Senhor será salvo.

    "Portanto, desde que fomos justificados pela fé, temos paz com Deus através de nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo". Romanos 5: 1

    Salvação, perdão dos pecados, está disponível para qualquer um que confie em Jesus Cristo como seu Senhor e Salvador.

    Apocalipse 21: 8: Mas os medrosos, os incrédulos e os abomináveis, e os assassinos, e os prostitutos, e os feiticeiros, e os idólatras, e todos os mentirosos, terão a sua parte no lago que arde com fogo e enxofre: segunda morte.

  6. nopes!! wrong!! toxicodependence is considered a disease, but!! selling is illegal! Cannabis thc is illegal! one can't even have a sinle plant for their own consuption and medicaltreatment. As for methadone, well that's is a pharma business!! Portugal government denied the legallization of cannabis because that would kill not only the traffic but also the pharma industry. It's nothing but a bogus, an illusion. It heals, and I'm not talking about getting high, no! Yes, hemp is legal, but it's benefits to health have only effect if/when combined with thc, such as sativa species. zation of cannabis because that would kill not only the traffic but also the pharma industry.It's nothing but a bogus, an illusion. Cannabis is a millenar plant, used in China for over than 5 thound years, from clothing to treatment. Cannabis is a millenar plant, used in China for over than 5 thousand years, from clothing to treatment. Expose the pharma. Begin with Bial – why they've released "asian bees"! And go to chemo… and ask how much is the gain for a treatment that kills! ask why imunetherapy isn't advised nor informed by oncologists in the first stage of cancer. Why is Jaime Gama, a former minister, working in a a company that porduces cannabis in all it's forms. Wake up!! And please, dig more!

  7. the people here in portugal its more weed,and hash.
    the other drugs, its not alote of people taking.
    because of the programs of the state.
    whidout i heath care free service,its not possible.
    so yes it works,alote of people are free with this help from the estate.
    sorry my english.

  8. Portugal is a smaller country and less corrupted. You gotta think about it they just got a new rev because before they couldn’t even have a lighter. So they are appreciative people. Usa 🇺🇸 is just a shit hole with people who are drug addicts they take advantage of help and police arrest the shit outta them etc.

  9. This is all nice but in reality there are a lot of cops that don't follow the law. what they normally do is take your shit and maybe give you a fine but they'll almost certainly take the drugs. i've seen it happen more than once. and depending on the circumstances and the cop, you might even get a nice slap/punch in the face, but no they don't arrest normaly

  10. Mas tens que ter sorte com o polícia que tiver a abordar o caso em muitos casos os polícias tiram o consumo dos tóxicos mesmo pequenas quantidades e só tão a arranjar maneira de arranjar problemas purque imaginem que a pessoa não tem mais dinheiro vai ter que ir roubar .E a polícia sabe disso mas não quer ivitar isso.

  11. I'am natural from Portugal  and i can give you shure that this cop say lies ^.^   They arrest for shure if have drugs with even under the ilegal  Weight you will get chained to the police department and in minimum you get a big bill to pay.. Sorry bad english but you can understand it i think ^.^

  12. nice film.
    just one thought: Running around while talking is kind of exhausting to listen to. I know people always try to make a movie exciting and there are a lot of cuts so the audience isnt falling asleep. But if you kind of running (last szene) and talking so loud, its more kind of restless and makes me nervous… Would prefer some slower moves and more relaxed voice. Not like a turtle; but also not like a monkey on a tree 🙂
    Looking forward to see more videos 🙂

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