1. I have the complete line grow A and B, the bloom and the grow enhancer. Do you use the A & B thru the bloom to? My plants are kicking ass in their soil also using super thrive and info and advice is appreciated

  2. I mixed one bag of the black magic soil with one bake of black magic. So far so good. I am a experienced grower and used all nutrients from all the big companies
    So I giving it a try to see the results. I would appreciate any advice for using these nutes

  3. I've been using this product for awhile now. when I first started using it I did not have a PH meter. so get one if you're new to this. also use less than it call for on part A and part B and also I now only use top dressing. i no longer use liquid fertilizer. the soil is extremely rich.

  4. How much soil do I need for one plant?
    What size of container do i need? Cause I don't want to transplant my weed to other container
    I work at the Home Depot and I've seen this products, but I still have questions of how much do I need to pour in my plants.
    I live in Michigan too lol

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