Refilling PAX + STIIIZY Pods – Farm To Vape + Wax Liquidizer

How to refill any pod, cart, vape pen, or vape mod with herbal concentrates. These allow you to turn your THC or CBD oils, into e-liquid using Wax Liquidizer and …


  1. Ya'll should be real careful about re-using cartridges that are not intended for repeat use. I have a theory that those wicks start to burn up and can give off toxic fumes you don't want to breath.

  2. I think you are incorrect with the ratio. I did a 1 to 1 ratio and its thick enough for carts but for a stiiizy pod it has to be 1 to 1/10 ratio. To get the exact viscosity of stiiizy pods.

  3. Stiiizy is far better than pax imo.
    Pax is a little pricy with a downside of only having .5 pods. Stiiizy on the other hand offers 1g pods + the area I’m at does offers of buy 3 1g pods for $140. Not only that but their new biiig battery is also a plus. I’m currently messing around with moxie dart and have to say their flavors are worth trying. Great pod system and more affordable than the pax. They also only offer .5 pods

  4. I've smoked flower my whole life and I don't really know much about wax, hemp oil, or dabs. I got a Pax 3 a few weeks ago and later I ended up buying a 500mg CO2 OIL cartridge for a Pax Era Pen by mistake which seems to be designed only for that pen. I tried to return it the next day and they wouldn't take it…. anyways, is it possible to extract this oil/use this cartridge on my PAX3? srry, new to oils and how they are smoked.

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