Rick Simpson "THC is the cancer killer".

Rick Simpson speaks about the importance of having THC in the products that medical marijuana patients use. The higher the THC value, his belief is the better.


  1. That's why they classified it as dangerous as cocaine and heroin ! It would have put the cotton business,rope,paper, pharmaceuticals, medical , and fuel oil companies ,out of business!!!

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  3. You want both but thc kills cancer for a fact. If you want to beat a bad tumor you have to take enough to be miserable for a month. It sucks almost as much as chemo but you dont get radiation from it. That is where the cbd helps to mitigate the high and negative side effects. Ideally you use or make extract with both and ingest whole plant extract mixed with coconut oil. It works on most mammals as well so do your critter a favor and cure them while you are at it.

  4. I do not have cancer however I use a small dose of THC/CBD oil daily. I do not enjoy straight THC oil (where it is like 90%) nor edibles with high THC. It is not enjoyable and I definitely notice cognitive issues (short term memory). When I take a CBD/THC mixture in equal portions 1:1 though, the high is much more mellowed and my memory is actually improved.

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