Scarface (Brad Jordan) talks campaign, Geto Boys history and buying real estate | Episode 86

The Connect Podcast sits down with Scarface and talks about history and what he has going on in the Houston community. ▻ For everything BossLife: …


  1. Face Mooob .. my favorite rapper of all time. I met him in the summer of 98-99 at Rap A Lot studios while working for my uncle remodeling Big chiefs office. I got his autograph on The my Homies album and still one of most memorable days of my life growing up. I was 15 yrs old

  2. Im a little disappointed in these comments, now don't get me wrong i hate this new music i grew up listening to real rap 80s baby face a legend……But do yall hear what there saying especially towards the end🤔🤦🏾‍♂️wake up my people

  3. Again good vibes. love to see us this way notice white folks not in the comments talking crazy 🤔they hate to see us come together 🤔forward thinking is amazing

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