1. I am guessing the powered brush cutter (weed trimmer) is considerably more dangerous. I use a brush cutter with a metal blade but as I getting old I would like to try a scythe for safety, and perhaps exercise.

  2. You have that scythe too far off the ground for a good cut. I put myself through junior college mowing firebreaks with scythe just like yours. I cleared the break to about 1/2 inch above the ground. I let the heel rest lightly on the ground and and swept in a circular motion, standing pretty well up right. The scythe is a great tool and thanks for showing this. The weed whacker is also noisy, dusty, and costs money to operate.

  3. I'm wondering how well the scythe would do on denser weeds. My weed eater is terrible right now and am thinking of replacing it with a scythe, wondering if I'd even have to forge my own to get one.

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