Seed to Strain: Pinkman Goo

In this episode of Seed to Strain we meet Twompson Prater the creator of Pinkman Goo, an Indica strain with 18 percent THC. Prater says he is a child of the …


  1. This is simply a mutant plant. I wouldent even bother with it..

    It's not a glob of resin, its fucking carbs emitted by the resin glands due to specific high humidity conditions. And the origin story is total bullshit. Total bullshit..

    Theese fucks still use hps
    . What a bunch of clowns

  2. and you didn't create it you found a seed that's not creating a lot of his work for years breeding and inbreeding for 20 years the same strain and still don't feel it's ready so don't tell me you created it you found it

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