Seizures from Synthetic Marijuana?

The Doctors and Doctor Mike Varshavski discuss synthetic marijuana, known as Spice or K2 and its devastating consequences. Subscribe to The Doctors: …


  1. Marijuana has Ruined my life… i can no longer walk anymore , i am in debt, i get too high and overdose after eating 12 marijuanas and i cannot seem to stop.


  2. I was smoking a preroll with my friend & they dropped to the floor, coherent, eyes open, fingers twitching a little bit and talking normal but not able to get up until a few minutes. They played it off a few weeks ago as just playing around but this time they dropped in their kitchen floor then through a screen door with same symptoms & right after smoking a preroll from a dispensary. I thought I killed my friend💔🙇🏻‍♂️

  3. Experiencing same seizures years later after trying that for a week. Terrible drug. Have a seizure once a month , can't drink alcohol. Had to be put on Vimpat and lamictal. Been working lately. CBD helps. Video of me on here just look my name plus grand mal up. Boom same thing. Crazy.

  4. This stuff has caused me a heap of trouble about 4 years ago I had seizures withdrawing from this stuff it literally turned me into a zombie without me even realizing it was so addictive and withdrawing was horrible. Get rid of all of it! It's killing people!

  5. Can we take into account that cannabis oil (main active compound CBD) has been healing seizures in many documented cases, while the synthetic ones have been causing them.

  6. Jacksonville Florida was letting a smoke shop “SmokersVideo” sell synthetic k2 and it was illegal. Citizens were being arrested for possession and hospitalized for years it took 3 years for them to stop this store from poisoning our community

  7. Although likely safer than this synthetic drug, marijuana is not "harmless" or "100% safe".

    The ridiculous "it's natural" argument is completely ignorant. Lots of natural things are dangerous. I doubt anyone would be chewing on a bunch of nightshade while talking about how great and natural it is.

    Some synthetic things are safe, some are dangerous. Some natural things are safe, some are dangerous.

  8. You are far more safer taking the real thing than taking synthetic drugs. I have never tried marijuana, but I have had enough of how our government is treating this plant that has such potential in medicine. Stop trying to keep it illegal and legalize marijuana so that people wouldn't be poisoning themselves with synthetic marijuana.

    The government should be trying to make the synthetic marijuana forms illegal instead of running after those who are in possession of the real thing.

  9. I smoked JWH-018 spice once. Holy shit that was insanely interesting. Wouldn't ever do it again though to be honest. Luckily that's one of the safer synthetic ones.

  10. Nope, not worth it. Give me pure, soiled grown, weed. Your health is far more important, than passing a drug test, pot should honestly be excluded from drug testing. It's harmless. Some people function more proper when they're high, the stress relief helps so much. Everyone has a different high, but the stuff is HARMLESS TO ADULTS. sure, it works on the same receptors as synthetics. Isn't that the point? BUT, pure marijuana is in no way going to cause those type of symptoms. Why not make it easier, want people to stop with synthetics? Make pot legal, don't screen it on drug tests… Stop demonizing it..

  11. "Marijuana itself obviously has some of the similar effects" 
    Yea. So, when you see a Stoner toking up, the next thing you see is them having a seizure.

    Stop comparing a synthetic poison to a natural plant that actually heals.

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