1. 21:25 Shows the absurdity of this "homeless camp" movement. When you make it "okay" for homeless people to go out and use drugs and alcohol, and then return at night to live in your shelter, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You have now become a massive enabler. This is the reason these people got kicked out of their homes in the first place, because of drugs and alcohol use. This is why their relatives refuse to take them back. They drink and smoke and party, and then you idiots give them a nice warm comfortable place to sleep it off, and then do it again tomorrow. So stupid. You people are idiots. Seriously.

  2. He's the type of guy you don't wan to bring home to meet your parents. I have psd generalized anxiety and I get my butt out there and work he news to take what he can get. How does he feed his dog smoking and being a pot head?

  3. Between 30:33 and 31:05 is the real question. I don't have an answer for that. As services got better, and I have worked as part of those services, I've only seen the problem become more acute. Best intentions, are supposed to work. I am certain now that since most of the US isn't providing these services, that Eugene is now a magnet.

  4. Your 15$ dollar an hour agenda immediately almost doubled rent in Oregon and now after almost doubling they can raise it 7% a year in 10 years that is 70% when in Oregon have wages raised 7% a year? My husband is an electrician after 32 years of marriage his hourly wage has not doubled at 7% a year after 32 years his income should have gone up over 215% that would have been amazing

  5. Come to northwest ohio. We have tons of factory jobs and they hire almost anybody. I work with dudes who have been to prison and people who don't have high school diplomas making 18 to 20 bucks an hour with pretty good health and dental insurance. The weather sucks but you can work if you want to. I used to live in eugene and worked at Lantz cabinets for 10 bucks an hour back in 2001. Ohio is better if you want a life.

  6. How did the homeless population get started in Eugene? There had to of been a reason for everybody to move there in the first place, right? What is the reason that they are all occupying Eugene?

  7. You need better equipment and editing. This is the best video on the real issue of homelessness I've ever seen. Dignified and highlights the REAL reason: unreasonable housing costs that do not match average income for the area. Well done! Please keep going with this!

  8. Recommend beginning the video about 11 minutes in. The first gent is irritating (as commenters below say), but the rest of the doc gets more + more interesting.

    Minor point: At 29:00, when Erik cites the Point-in-Time Count, he way underestimates. In January 2019, the count found 2,165 people unsheltered in Lane County.

  9. Guy at beginning is full of excuses. He says Taco Bell won't hire him, but he has to have his service dog with him. How would that work? He medicates, and says he is lucid, and functional. The service dog thing is bogus.

  10. I was homeless in Eugene. Eating at the mission. Sleeping in the woods. Good times. I was not a victim. Got a job, got a van, and got the hell out of there. Eugene is a swamp. Victims are vampires. The only way out is to lift yourself up, and climb. One must battle the dragon for the gold.

  11. the guy at the beginning of this video pretends that he is having a hard time finding a job. one of his problems is that he can't bring his dog to work? who is allowed to bring their dog to work? Why would anybody want to bring their dog to work? And what makes him so special that he should need to do so? This guy is only pretending to look for work. In reality he already has a job it's being a victim so far it feeds him houses him and keeps him from having to have a real job.

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