1. i just had weed the other day that didn't have any green in it at all it was just this shiny dark purple color. every single hit i took from that joint i rolled up with that purple stuff tasted like the first hit over and over again, it was that good.

  2. Brought in some Black Bart to a gamer party (snes party) the other day and damn that stuff is stronnng; had me in stitches laughing and then.. a really good sleep! Some real good west coast, canadian bud πŸ™‚

  3. Loved the video, I wish I could tell you what strains I try, but unfortunately I live in an area where its not legal , so the only thing I really know is whether I am getting mid or Lau…. I envy you so much, and I think your an incredible young woman

  4. Hi from Brazil, Jane. Love your vids. Oh Jane you're so beautiful. Come to Brazil and marry me. Or maybe we could be friends. Let's talk. Hope you answer my comment. Huge purple weed joints for you.

  5. Hah, having grown up a Buckeye, I need that one! The deepest (and best, imho!) purple in WA comes from Puffin. Their Tangie is a Blood Orange variant that comes out sooooo dark. Great sativa without the downsides too.

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