Some newly developed marijuana strains are much more potent

The legalization of recreational marijuana in almost a dozen states suggests that America’s attitude towards the drug is changing. But the drug has changed, too: …


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  2. This is not your grandparents' Maui Wowie. Don't bother wondering why they called it Maui Wowie… The farmaceutical corporations want their drug war back. Look at the loaded language: 'the drug', 'psychosis', 'nuclear charged, chemically engineered…'. Idiots. These people are bought and paid for – including the 'hosts'.

  3. Absolutely disgusting smear piece on the 'evils and dangers' of the vile cannabis plant that now possesses this poor boy's soul like a demon, and will thus take a lifetime of recovery to exorcise… Christ, where do I begin with this nonsense?
    1. Strong cannabis as been around forever. We called it 'dro' and it's been prevalent since I started smoking in '04 and way before that. So it's not like all of a sudden THC went from 5 to 20+ percent.
    2. Cannabis has either zero or extremely minor psychological withdrawal symptoms. So there is no need for medically-supervised detox. In fact if, hypothetically, you were to go to rehab for weed, you would be taking a bed from someone who actually NEEDS it.
    3. The reason Kolton dropped out of college isn't because of marijuana, but because he wasn't intellectually capable or responsible enough to graduate and he's not man enough to accept responsibility for his actions.

  4. Can't we please keep hemp illegal, please? That's the entirity of their argument. Weed has always been strong and there has always been weak weed. There is no 'marijuana toxicity'.

  5. Legit just a rich white kid that can’t control himself cuz he has so much access and no self control. Really need to teach self control. Weed will be full legalized everywhere soon. It’s better to teach people how to use marijuana instead of teaching them how to pretend they’re addicted

  6. I hope they don’t regulate THC levels, MORE THC THE BETTER 😹

    Also it’s not addictive, you can go on and off it whenever without much to no side effects.
    It’s all about personal self control. That’s legit it.
    And “emergency marijuana toxicity” 😹 I don’t think their smoking weed or are using the right dab Cart’s because you don’t need to go to the hospital for THC “overdose” which is simply “Greening out” aka falling asleep.

  7. Not very objective coverage of the issue. Teens are legally not allowed to use marijuana. "Keep this and all medications away from children." For the teens that do use it is their parents to blame, not cannabis. For beginner users it is recommended to start with less potent THC. For advanced users who need higher potency, the higher THC concentrations aren't a problem. All edible cannabis products advise eating a small portion and wait a couple of hours before ingesting more. Personally I've used THC levels at 30% with no problem. Maybe all the TV advertising from Big Pharma has more to do with this coverage, than the actual truth.

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