(Some of) The Best of John Mulaney

Take a look back at some of John Mulaney’s best bits, in which he reveals why he had to stop drinking and how he ended up accidentally chasing a woman …


  1. Count me as those joining the chorus of "it's so weird to see him doing stand-up in anything other than a suit!" I mean, logically, you know he must WEAR regular clothes, but still. XD Funny bits, though — that thing with Delta, oh man. XD

  2. Why does he remind me of Eric Forman with a little bit of Kitty in the voice when he talks !? (if you watched his Netflix shows) And his father reminds me of Red Forman ?!
    That’s funny as hell

  3. I don't get something about YouTube. How is it if you have really crappy internet – like it's so slow that a turtle can fly through the air faster, that a 5 minute commercial can play (before the video) without buffering once. But as soon as the video comes on, it starts buffering like crazy. How is that?

  4. y'all left out the best part of the Delta Airlines skit, not to mention the conclusion of the actual joke. He's talking about how it was before he had a girlfriend, and after (where you cut off) he says "and now that I have a girlfriend, she's just like, 'why don't we go see if southwest has any flights?'"

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