Stage 4 Breast Cancer CBD OIL Review

Hey everyone! I reviewed a different CBD product. It is an isolate and has a faster kick in. I am taking an oral chemo and finished up my cyber knife. I take the …


  1. Hello, I hope you are doing great! I read in the Ra material that cancer is but a catalyst! Once we learn about the law of One and really start to internalize and live it, the need for the catalyst goes away.

    Google the Ra material on the Law of One .

    May our one infinite creator Bless all of us!

  2. You need Rick Simpson oil ma’am. It’s high THC+CBD oil. No one can be sure if it will work for you but it has put many people’s cancer in remission. Rick Simpson has a video detailing how to make it. Search “Rick Simpson oil” on YouTube. You have do get a hold of a pound or so of high quality indica cannabis to make enough for treatment. You are in Texas so I don’t know how plausible that would be. THC does kill certain types of cancer cells in a lot of cases.

  3. You want Thc not CBD the creator of rick simpson oil himself said cbds are usless when it comes to cancer and he knows hes the one who created the stuff if you dont know who he is i suggest you google him

  4. Maybe I misunderstood your video. How are you not on any pain medication when the cancer ate a hole in your chest? You need to be studied by professionals to see how your brain keeps the pain signals away?

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