Stock Market Update (SPY, MJ, Tech) — SPCE // Aurora and Coca Cola Rumours (ACB KO) – Dec 26, 2019

Daily Review of S&P and Marijuana Stocks – with a focus on big Canadian LPs and American MSOs = 10-day Free Trial …


  1. OK so let's all agree the ACB Coke rumor has no validation, but let's simply play the other side for 1 minute, at some point ACB will announce more partnerships either with pharma or beverages, so would you agree that some type of announcememt will surface in 2020? Taking into consideration execution and distribution at Aurora long term do you have any optimism in the potential of this company?

  2. the whole mj sector is BLOOD RED!!! everything else seems to grind higher.. I for one know that you've been mentioning this for at least 6 months. thanks for your time Justin.. it has made a big difference for me and lot of others. As for Aurora you can put lipstick on pig but its still a pig! CHEERS J

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