1. Everybody fears investing in cryptocurrency but the fact is that it’s no riskier than the stock market. The cryptocurrency market is manipulated but so is the stock market. The stock market is inflated with fiat currency pumped in every year by central banks.

    I consider stocks risky for millennials because we’re really putting our trust in the performance of the US dollar throughout our lifetimes, not solely the performance of businesses. In my personal opinion I do not believe the US dollar will be the reserve currency of the world in the near future. I believe digital assets and currencies are the future of finance and commerce.

    Yes it is more volatile because it is still in the nascent stages of developement. Understanding the cycles of market trends is crucial to being successful in any market weather its stocks or crypto.But the market capitalization grows substantialky every two years and the adoption of digital assets is massively growing every year.

    Bitcoin will outperform any traditional methods of finance by the time millennials reach retirement. That’s my opinion and I could be wrong. 80% of my investments are in the crypto market.

  2. I started re-buying Ethereum small amounts when it started dropping from $500 down to ~80 dollars. My avg is about $148 (only about 2% of my portfolio.) I agree with pretty much everything in your video. There are a few reasons that I started buying again. 1: There are a lot of highly talented people working on Ethereum. Also, the fact that many mainstream companies Facebook, JP Morgan, Samsung ..etc are working on their own versions of a coin or blockchain. Lastly and most importantly, Ethereum is eventually going to go to Proof of Stake – no more mining with expensive video cards. If you have enough Ethereum ( I believe 32 is the minimum amount), you can stake your Ethereum and earn Etherum similar to dividends. There's still going to be fluctuations and there are no guarantees of success, but a small gamble/investment, especially with Etheuem, is worth it to me.

  3. I'm very passionate about Crypto Investing and have been investing for a long time. Yes it can be volatile but all investing is. 2019 has been an incredible year and Crypto is being adopted by many companies as a payment method and other things. It will prob replace physical money in the future so now's a great time to invest. Just have a game plan first.

  4. Be there done that. I was there with you in 2017. Gains don't mean nothing until you cash out. When you mention dollar cost averaging when selling, I don't think there is a term for that, most people just say taking profits.

  5. Man that BTC temptation. Be strong my fellow investors. The FOMO is real!
    Read "The Hour Between Dog and Wolf" if you want to know the science behind it – it's actually linked to flight or fight responses interestingly.

  6. Only buy bitcoin! I got in at 3800 and been holding ever since!!! Doubled my account. It’s a good long term strategy. There’s more use cases then 2017. Stocks don’t compare to bitcoin! Stocks are a joke.

  7. Dollar cost average for selling is simply "trimming your position"

    As for when the market is this volatile, you either hold all of your positions and ride it out. You can also buy the dips which is what i did. However one of the smartest things you can do is when the market opens and its solidified itself as a down day then use stop limit orders to sell your positions, chances are with the days we had this week you would be able to sell and take a loss or less profit, then re-buy the same day for cheaper.

    For example we will use APPLE. I could have sold Apple at 194 earlier this week and lock in profit of 3.XX per share then could have re-bought later that day or the next day for under 190. There's ways to get creative with investing and ways to make money even when the market is down. Investing is like a tool box, and there's a lot of tools in the box, but a lot of people and im guilty of this only use the hammer, and screwdriver. A lot of other things you can do to make money.

    As for bitcoin, I take everything you say, Because i know nothing about it, don't trust it, and way to risky for me.

  8. U can make money on crypto but I dont belive in it, it's not a future currency, most people who belive in it are scared of government and dollars… I got some bad news for them lol, dollars and governments are here to stay, get a job and buy some stocks… I know tons of people in Missouri who drink and waste money on trucks and take credit card debt then after they party the want the apokalyps to happen, so they basically say screw people who work the worlds ending because they are alcoholics… sorry, weird rant but its true lol

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