Study: Potential Link Between Marijuana Use And Heart Issues

A review from Brigham and Women’s Hospital finds smoking pot carries many of the same cardiovascular risks as smoking tobacco. CBS2’s Dick Brennan …


  1. The real question then is why doctors continue to prescribe substantial opioid medications to their at risk cardiology patients. The answer is complex but obvious. How can any physician not have the moral and ethical responsibility not to relieve and reduce their patient’s pain? We must discuss if cannabis, even with your so called findings of cardiology risk effects, are better or at least not worse, than opioid prescriptions. On this basis, we study and learn that opioids have a detrimental effect due to their influence on the electrical activity of the heart, in particular interval prolongation and arrhythmogenic liability. Methadone being the worst danger, oxycodone are lesser risk, morphine are even lesser risk. Any high dose of opioids must be under constant monitoring of ECG.

    The use of opioids has quadrupled from 1999 to 2014. Yet, in the USA cannabis (schedule 1) is treated as a more serious drug than opioids (schedule 2) The reality is that over 40,000 people die every year from accidental opioid prescription usage, yet no one can find any serious statistics of people dying from cannabis. The anecdotal information is then based on massive recreational use of marijuana which can affect electrical activity in the heart. The comparison then is not a serious debate. It is obvious that any prolonged usage of either drug will affect heart activity. Yet, medical cannabis for pain relief should be administered in partial dosages and the use of opioids for pain relief should be reduced accordingly. Many medical students today are starting to learn of the pain reducing effects of cannabis and will be attempting to administer some sort of combinations so that, at the very least, the overall opioid prescription will be reduced and its void will be filled with medical cannabis.

  2. Alcoholism seems to be the safe place… Nobody every has problems as an alcoholic. There's also prescription drugs that are completely innocent of health issues up to and including death. But this Marijuana annoyance will straight up kill you. Has zero medical benefits to. Nothing to back this up, but we're sure of it. /s

  3. What a load of biased rubbish. As stated by previous posters here, inhaling monoxides is the problem. Just like living in downtown Chicago, or any other place with lots of cars and diesel vehicles. Most people have evolved past burning cannabis, and use vape, dab, edible, or other non-combusted methods, but the folks that put on these biased studies don't even know what the reality of the situation is.

  4. I started smoking at 27 years old. Something I just wanted to try. But never wanted to depend on it my whole entire life. A lot of people need self-control or completely lose control and become their own enemy.

  5. Marijuana is very dangerous. My partner and I stopped because it made us sick. I don't even like when it burns my throat. If people can inhale Marijuana that's by choice. But if your body is telling you it's time to stop and let it go then stop or you are an addict.

  6. It isn't just the use of marijuana it's the smoke, ANY KIND OF SMOKE IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. Don't sit here and twist the facts, you say it marijuana but it's not it's how most people take marijuana there's many ways to take marijuana without smoking it.

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