1. There needs to be more "guides" out there providing supported experiences… Without all the woowoo.

    My first DMT experience was alongside a biochemist, straightedge comic book nerd… No dreadlocks, no tie dye wall art or full body tattoos…I was genuinely glad he was wearing a plain white shirt and blue jeans…I'd hate to have opened my eyes to escape the intensity only to be confronted by that girls shirt!

    I think I might move to Portugal or Canada and start providing woowoo free supported DMT experiences.

    The only way for the mystical to gain traction in the mainstream is to demystify it.

  2. For about two years I suffered from really bad depression & was suicidal, I decided to take LSD one night just out of curiosity & didn’t know what to expect at all. Glad I did it, it definitely helped me and altered my outlook on my life & what is really important. I can stand behind this 100%, take drugs responsibly!! ☮️✊🏾

  3. I refuse to eat things that my body has evolved to consume over thousands of years such as meat, I often cannot stand people based on their gender race or how much money they make. My unnatural haircolor is a reflection of me as an individual
    Im not the problem, it’s emotional abuse.
    I need psychedelics.

  4. If LSD hadn't already been patented by Sandoz and the patents expired, the pharmaceutical companies would be all over it, and with their lobbying power, the government would kneel before them. Better for it to re-emerge from grass roots.

  5. The “psychotherapist” is creepy as hell. He wants to be around people while they trip as their sort of “guide”. Someone with a way with words can be dangerously manipulative and exploitive of the people tripping – and I genuinely don’t trust a thing about this guy who shaves his head, grooms his beard, and dresses like John Mayer with tattoos talking to young women on MDMA or LSD. What also bothers me is how none of you commented this.

  6. Diagnosed with mental illness like anxiety & depression, prescribed prescriptions. Didn’t work. 🙁

    After that..

    Took lsd every weekend for a year and has helped tremendously on my mental health & outlook. 🙂

    Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.

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