Teen Says Relationship With Married Boyfriend Is ‘Perfect, Definitely Fantastic’

An 18-year-old says her relationship with her boyfriend, a married father of two, is “perfect.” So why isn’t the teen, who says she has nowhere to stay, living with …


  1. I know that girl😂😂 I went to job corps with her.. she hasn't changed one bit.. she's gross😂😂 first she gets pregnant and drinks and smokes while pregnant with total disregard for the child then cheats on that guy.. now she is fooling around with some other married guy🤦.. Lord

  2. They’re relationship is perfect because they are living in a fantasy, not facing the struggles of reality and a real lasting relationship, still in the honey moon phase and will pass soon when she ends up pregnant or gets too old for him

  3. He ain’t ever going to leave his wife but when his wife eventually leaves him you can be sure he’ll marry that girl and start the cycle all over again. Leaches like him never change.

  4. Clothes food , and a Michael Kors wow what a keeper lmaoo she needs to leave this men alone lmao and he bought her a phone case .lmao the fact that he messes with a young girl shows his level maturity

  5. My message is for Mandy. I am so sorry for you and your children in this situation but Eric and Brooklyn are perfect for each other. They are both trashy and immature. Once the shock wears off please get away from this looser, Mandy, he isn't who you thought he was. You would be so much happier on your own with your boys. Xx Sending you much love from Australia.

  6. (While I personally think she is a delusional little girl who is totally getting taken advantage of by a total narcissistic creep)
    Doesn't her thinking kinda represent a large number of people who consider the phone, phone case and purse extravagant gifts and who would call it getting spoiled because they were never shown proper love and attention or is it truly her age and naivety??

  7. I don’t remember what the statistic was for married men actually leaving their wives for their mistress but the percentage is very low. I only knew about this info because I was married for 12 yrs and my husband was cheating with 2 different women (3 yrs each) I know, don’t judge me lol 😆 But when I finally filed for divorce (I have the patience of a saint, but I also have 3 kids with him) he told me that the divorce was my fault because he would have never divorced me. I was shocked he even said that. Number one it was not my fault obviously although I do blame myself for somethings. Idk what they are but in hindsight you always think you could of done something different. But for him to think that anyone would want to stay married to him forever, after half of our marriage being shared with another woman is just ludacris. Also Why would you not want a divorce? He was obviously unhappy with me or not satisfied in some way so wtf if that’s what you want to do then do it. Don’t drag me along and lie to me so you can do both.

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