1. Out of curiosity I tried growing a plant with a 24 watt CMH flood light with built-in ballast because I wanted high-quality light over a plant in my home and as I guessed it grows nicely.

  2. @migro could you maybe share ppfd chart for fluence spydrx? If not, do you maybe remember maz ppfd and avrage ppfd and the distance you took measurements at? Tnx

  3. thanks for the info

    you're an og, got my babies under some cobbled (pun intended) together clu048 3500k cobs,
    i hope i get in better weather and pay you back by buying one of your awesome lights.

    for now i'm just winging it with old PC heatsinks and aluminum frames though, doing us a great service.

  4. I use 1,000 watt MH& HPS X WING LIGHTS IM STARTING my luck with coco / perilite growing Autoflower my room is 13×12 with 8ft ceilings I have 4 of the 1,000 watt X wings what are ur thoughts on my room

  5. Can you go back and break down the watts used. Looking to get the most bang for my buck. Also where they measured from what the light company's Recommend or another height. Thanks

  6. California Lightworks 550 light is amazing, I have not seen such growth for the price. Daisy chain programmable with up to 20 preset programs spectrum control sunrise sunset modes. I was using eye hortilux mh and their hps before I switched 400 watts and our electric went down on top of our plants going up faster. I love it. I’m glad too see it’s on the top with the big boys.

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