1. I have epilepsy for 8 years now… I had seizures in sleep when I was younger but sometimes I wake up with my tongue bitten so I don't know if I am having seizures again .. but my EEG is normal.. I have a lot of auras which lead to anxiety attack because i'm afraid I will have a seizure

  2. This makes me so remorseful becuase i had my first seziure back in January 2013 i started swinging at ppl and didn't even realize it like i was hallucinated and after i recover i dont be aware of what is going on i be so dizzy and its been going on every since then but not as much just every once a while 😭😭😭😐

  3. Seizure: a sudden attack, as of epilepsy or some other disease.
    Epilepsy: a disorder of the nervous system, characterized either by mild, episodic loss of attention or sleepiness (petit mal) or by severe convulsions with loss of consciousness (grand mal).
    Convulsion: violent agitation or disturbance; commotion.
    People need Jesus Christ, cast out the demons fellow Christians.

  4. Gingko Biloba Supplements can cause Minor Seizures. I use to take them as a child, teen, and mid 20's until I realize it was giving me a Headache and my Minor Seizures stopped.

  5. I've been having seizures for a while now. Had an EEG which I was told was normal. Then when I saw my neuro last week he said the EEG showed two seizures. I only remember one. He said my MRI showed changes in my brain, even though I had a letter that said it was normal.???? I'm due to have a take home EEG and video stuff if the take home doesn't work. I had a bad seizure the other day and I know I've got a bad one coming today. I couldn't sleep due to stomach ache, my head doesn't feel right, I feel sick and I know it's going to happen, just a case of when. As soon as I start feeling really dizzy that's when it will come. I also have drop seizures and partial seizures. I also think light is a trigger as my Big seizure happened after watching a light sabre fight in a film on tv. I'm on epilepsy drugs but working up to a proper dose which will take another couple of weeks so I'm not benefitting from it yet. It seems to have stopped the little seizures and left me with the big ones at the moment. My love to all who have this and the comments I've read. Some made me cry at how people are suffering and have been unable to get help. Love to you all xxx

  6. 100% correlation between seizures and solar forcing, no matter the underlying condition, this is after 6 years and thousands of seizures in hundreds of people, block solar forcing and no more seizure. It is amazing after all these years, they miss the fact that everyone has seizures at the exact same time! (In the same time zone & those equally susceptible to the level of solar forcing) ALL MEDICAL EPISODES ARE TRIGGERED BY SOLAR FORCING, the proof is right in front of you. I don't care if you are from Stanford or the best in the field, you are no closer to understanding episodes than you were 20 years ago, I just gave you the answer so now take it and get the nobel prize.

  7. I have seizures all the time and it runs in my family. Oh well i wear a mans diaper and call it good its all one can really do in this situation.
    Cant afford medical either so its get used to the feong of wearing mens diapers or no protection at all when my mind is stressed to the maximum! No need to feel bad about it either!

  8. Epileptic seizure is curable and can be cured successfully by ayurveda. Veds have all the remedies for seizures and many more incurable deceases. I can understand the stress and trauma of a patient who is facing this situation but the hope is not lost at all..we have cured many people having the same and now they are living a normal life. It's curable 100%.

  9. Concerning treating Seizures alternatively, listen to Gary Null’s Show [that was uploaded on YouTube on 07. 30. 2019]; and in which Gary Null talks about effective and potent Protocol of Blending — NOT juicing — 4 things to treat Seizures. In the YouTube Video, Gary Null starts speaking about treating Seizures alternatively, at 5:38 and ends at 9:20 [which is 3 minutes and 44 seconds (i.e. less than 4 minutes)]! Here is the link:


    To make it easy for you, I’ve gone ahead and highlighted the protocol; and it is as follows:

    1. “a Bowl of Fresh Cilantro” [an Italian Parsley that works against Seizures by delaying Seizures, as it is highly potent channel activater],

    2. “Neuro-Magnesium Supplement,” [which helps with “Convulsions,” “Brain Tumors,”!and “Seizures”]

    3. “CBD Oil, which is the most powerful of the cannabinoid oils”

    4. and 2 oz. of “Chlorophyll,” such as “Spirulina” or “Wheat Grass Juice.”

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