The Insane Cure for PTSD That's About to Be a Billion-Dollar Industry | Inc.

In 1986, shortly after MDMA was criminalized, Rick Doblin began a battle against the federal government to reverse the decision. His goal was to legalize the …


  1. Processing the type of trauma combat causes is next to impossible it seems at times, remember these big pharma companies are the biggest supporters of antidrug lobbyists and fund political parties that also are tied

  2. It's the drug companies and people with ties to drug companies that dont want drugs to be legal. They preach how harmful these drugs are yet they create and prescribe drugs for certain conditions that require another drug to counter side effects of the drug being taken. Not to mention drugs that have been on the market for years to discover the drugs have been killing people or cause negative effects. Pain relievers such as motrin, aspirin, naproxen, and tylenol will damage your liver overtime.

  3. Legalize it recreationally. Set and setting is important with psychedelics, so people should have the option to decide whether or not to take it in a therapeutic setting.

  4. As someone who went through Phase 2 open-label clinical trials with MDMA and has seen a significant decline in PTSD symptoms, I can only encourage that those veterans and other struggling with severe PTSD hold on for a little while longer. While not a "miracle cure" or a "silver bullet", MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is a life-changer. Help is on the way…

  5. Wtf is wrong with the FEDs?? The news said the drug makes you love everybody and make you dance all night… who in they right mind thinks that bad!? So in other people tell your kid to hate everybody and stand stiff at a party!

  6. Honestly it should be prescribed for take home, the damage that PTSD causes to your family is irreparable. No matter the good intentions of the therapist it's still hard to let that guard down. With take home prescription not only does the sufferer began healing but the marriage can began to heal as well. Spouses carry all that grief, anger and coldness we shed. There does need to be healing there and what better way than to responsibly spill your empathy and love for one another.

  7. You must be an INFJ, which is an Earth Angel. Thank you for doing this for all of us. My teenager tears herself apart each day struggling with the PTSD she has from bullying, a rape, and loosing all her pets and her home at the same time in life. Nothing has helped her. I will count the days until this is available to help cure her and give her back a normal life. Thank you

  8. This man has an astronomically large decision to make in appointing his successor to the leader of MAPS. Corruption and greed run rampant in big pharma, and it would be a travesty to see such an accomplishment of enabling our PTSD sufferers to be cured go to waste when the new CEO spikes the prices and makes it an unaffordable treatment.

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