1. I remember watching your videos in 2014 when I had DP/DR
    Now I'm totally recovered and remembered your channel today…I wanted to check it out if your DP had gone also and I am happy to know it is gone 🙂
    On those worst days of DP DR whe can really feel like we will never gonna be the same again, but… here we are!!!

  2. Thanks for the amazing video. I'm so happy to finally find out what's wrong with me. I've been in this state for almost half a year being afraid I was losing my mind. Looking at all the comments it is heartwarming to see others fighting it also and winning. Thanks Noah

  3. For me the worst feeling i had, was dpdr combined with harm ocd, i felt like something is controlling my mind and either i will kill someone or my self, but turned out it was harm ocd, how got over it? I just stop obsessing with these bad thoughts and never let my fear go so far

  4. Yoooooo guysss!!! This is a freaking game changer!! This DP/DR is a good thing! This is not a “dissociative disorder”, this is an awakening of some sort. A call from your mind, body and soul directed towards your consciousness! Be your true self and this will go away really quickly I promise you. Some have even said that this is your third eye being open and overactive kinda! Really though this is a call for being your true self. Be yourself unapologetically and say the truth in all aspects of your life and watch how drastically things will change! It’s as simple as that, be honest with yourself. The truth can hurt but it will set you free I promise you. I’ve had DP/DR for 3 years and i was terrified like all of us. I didn’t understand what this was and I thought it was some sort of brain damage or psychosis or something like that when It’s just your mind soul and body refusing to take anymore bullshit. I would say i’m 90% healed now and each day is better than the one before.

  5. I had a panic attack in the car June 27th of this year. I was overthinking and stuff. It hit me and never left. I've been to therapy. I've ignored it but it always seems to force itself back. I'm on Prozac and hydroxyzine they helped but again. The dpdr is making itself known. I'm way better than I was a week ago or even a month ago. Way better than that dreaded day. I just wanna get back to my life and my brain feels split. Part of me seems "normal" the other half is still gone. It's horrible. I want it to end. I try so very hard

  6. I got severe DP/DR October 30th of 2015. After about 2 years of hell I had it licked that’s to Noah. But recently, after a few negative things in my life happened my anxiety came back and I woke up with my old friend DP/DR one morning. Everything came back to me like a flood. The rumination the hypochondria, everything. But I know that if I am strong and calm I’ll beat this thing again. Thank you Noah, you really are doing the lords work here and changing peoples lives here.

  7. Do not be scared the best thing you can do to start recovering from DP/DR is continue living with your life as if you didn’t have the condition it can be hard but little by little you’ll get through it. DP/DR is like the clown I.T the more you fear it the bigger and scarier it gets and starts controlling you but when you refocus your mind and your thoughts and start breathing it becomes powerless.
    “The tougher the day the greater the strength the harder the test the greater the power”
    We are all truly blessed and will overcome this and realize it has made us stronger. We will appreciate life more and will take the good risks in life that will make us move forward in our lives. Once you have overcome this horrific feeling everything else in life will make you fearless. We can say I been through hell and back and there is nothing else that can face me. This is an awakening to your great power.
    We are all strong and it’s our time to thrive to do good in ourselves and other people in our lives. You are the mind, the body, the soul, the spirit, and the god of your path my friends.

  8. I have headaches dizzy I got depersonlization three years ago commented on your old videos on my old channel and now it cane back I feel out of it dizzy headaches depressed idk what to do

  9. This is the trippiest shit ever. 19 yo, had this since I was 12, never went away. Got very slightly better once, but soon came back in full strength. One of the worst aspects about it for me is, it's a very confusing/paranoia inducing state. You feel like no one gets it, and if you try and make it better you feel this overwhelming dread like it's not possible.

  10. I suffer, lke most of you guys here from Depersonalization-derealization disorder. I usually have feelings of disconnection either stress related , or it comes randomly .

    My therapist told me that this was because of the trauma I suffered as a kid . And it all made sense . When you are in a threatening situation your mind goes into fight or flight. If either of those 2 options don't work it goes into freeze . And if freeze doesn't work , your mind dissociates and blocks out what is happening .

    The brain is complex, and it is our natural response to danger is in this order. Fight or Flight , Freeze , Dissociate. However the brain can be stubborn. It will default to one of these options that worked for you. And obviously for me my default in a bad situation is to Dissociate and experience derealization and depersonalization .

    This at first used to freak me out. However over about 5 years of feeling like this I have gotten used to dissociation . For me it's actually helpful sometimes . But it started worrying me again when I would black out for parts of my day . I would be at work and not remember anything that I had done , my colleague was even joking with me saying what were you doing all morning you slacker . And I couldn't even answer him because it was total black out. That was the first time I was losing time .

    I would wake up in the morning to find random Spotify playlist that I can't remember making . These songs weren't really my taste . But I thought fuck it I'll listen to it. And it turns out I like it now . But I can never explain how the songs even got there . One of the album's was Being No one Going Nowhere by STRFKR and the song that stood out was STRFKR interspace . I feel like maybe I'm trying to tell something to myself , or maybe my consciousness is so fragmented it's trying to sort it's self out . At the end of the day I'm not afraid because I have been detached from my physical body enough to know we are stuck in a simulation . As much as a therapist will say it's just a coping mechanism . To actually experience full dissociation is like lifting the veil on our perceived construct of reality.

    I believe that us the ones that Dissociate and experience these things are picking up the waves of another station metaphorically speaking . I will continue to go to therapy to try to ground back to this reality , it's just really hard to try to explain to a therapist that doesn't experience what we all feel . You get the feeling that they view you as a bit insane.

    Peace . Ewok .

  11. It's just been a waste of time and money going to see a therapist.majority of them have no information or knowledge about depersonalization…uggh it's so frustrating. I've had it for 5 years now I miss myself, my life, my feelings, bonding, just experiencing the little joys in life…just feel spaced out and in a bubble it gets worse every second.

  12. I have just found your videos and I’m so thankful I have. I’m 17 and I’ve had this exact feeling for around 2 years. But before that it would come and go. I hate it. For so long I thought something was wrong with me, and I couldn’t understand how or why I have it. Every time I talk about it I get a tight feeling in my throat and tears fill my eyes. I can’t control it. I’ve been going to therapy for a bit now but it hasn’t helped one bit. Even watching this video made me cry for some reason. I’m going to look into this program and hopefully it will help me. I can’t even remember what life was like before this feeling. I just don’t know how to live like this anymore.

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