The Truth About Marijuana | Isaiah Pagdanganan | TEDxYouth@CAMS

Isiaiah talks about the truth behind marijuana – how the term it self is actually offensive, and much more. Student at CAMS This talk was given at a TEDx event …


  1. Surprised this only has 8k views , people need to realized that this plant is harmless, I’m not advocating driving or working while stoned. That being said everyone’s different so they’re are many people who can function just fine. Times are changing and in time we won’t have this negative stigma. Just be safe and live your life.

  2. And this is what happens when you use Google search to get your information I did not watch the whole thing this has to be by far the worst TED Talks ever either somebody is doing favor for somebody's buddy or at the very end this guy says psych

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