1. Hench- ditch the Microwave, even you are at the gym its the worst thing you can do to kill all the nutrients in your food. We threw ours in the trash years ago. No one barely talks about the most used appliance in Western countries and also the most evil one .Been vegan for years, have not touched animal food in 40 years(now 69) living in Northern California. Everyone here loves your recipes and lifestyle.

  2. You've introduced me to so many new delicious foods/recipes over the years that I've watched you Paul. Always educational, always inspiring. Wish you the best, buddy!

  3. What an EPIC day of eating!!! Especially loved the smoothie and the kale lentil soup (gotta try that easy and healthy idea!). I was wondering though, can you taste the dulse flakes in your smoothie? xD never thought about adding that before haha

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