Time Restricted Eating Put to the Test

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  1. Interesting if you add exercise to the mix before breakfast (actually dinner) and see what the effect on health is. I know with running I am so hungry after a run and my metabolism is much faster.

  2. I think it's unfortunate that the focus of IF's benefits are invariably on weight loss. To my own amazement, I cured stubborn chronic atopic dermatitis with IF, and I also sleep better now and have more energy. No skin doctor helped me, only IF, followed by a healthy sugar-free diet. I hope others find relief.

  3. I'm glad I watched this, I've had a little weight gain and it coincides exactly with me reducing my fasting times.
    I've always fasted, as a result my health issues have more to do with nutrition than anything else.
    Food in the USA is just not very nutritious.

  4. The Buddha, 2600 years ago : "I abstain from the night-time meal.1 As I am abstaining from the night-time meal, I sense next-to-no illness, next-to-no affliction, lightness, strength, & a comfortable abiding. Come now. You too abstain from the night-time meal. As you are abstaining from the night-time meal, you, too, will sense next-to-no illness, next-to-no affliction, lightness, strength, & a comfortable abiding."

  5. The whole breakfast or dinner results, mean nothing, without knowing any of the times of feeding, waking, sleeping. Are they all eating right before bed? First thing in the morning? An hour later?

  6. In my family we'd always eat the last meal at 7 PM and the first meal at 7AM, so a 12 hour fast. Now I've pushed it towards last meal at 6:30PM and first at 7:30AM. I also switched to 3-4 bigger meals less often rather than snacking on nuts/seeds/fruits all day long. Great that I can back my good habits with scientifically proven benefits now!

  7. I REALLY hope you respond to the intermittent fasting HGH myth, because that's the main reason why many people skip breakfast because they supposedly experience an HGH increase durring their workout and after, but only after 18 hrs fasted. This wouldn't be optimal in an earlier fasting approach because you wouldn't be fasting for long enough after your workout.

  8. This is fascinating.
    I always thought those who stick to stop eating after 6pm to control/lose weight were just silly and that idea was based on no real evidence. Looks like I`ve been wrong…

    I also hope there will be a video in this series on shift work diets. Sometimes my "lunch" is at 1am 😀

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