1. They just need to fix the spawning they have to put dead silence as a perk also because you could literally hear everyone footsteps in this game that people are camping just to hear where are you coming also we need small mini maps

  2. I pre-ordered the game Today. I literally hesitated on purchasing the game until the loot box system was addressed and brought into the light. The loot box system and the random number generated systems that are plaguing the entire gaming industry are exactly what is killing games that have the potential to be good games.

  3. Hey, this sponsored advertisement is inappropriate to your viewers your content is generally directed to children no matter the ESRB rating you shouldn't recommend the use of CBD to any of your viewers the supplementation of this sort of idea is controversial to different ideologies. Having a video categorized under the youthful Gaming genre isn't a righteous thing to do.

  4. I don't agree on scorestreaks. Kill streaks can make the game more balanced in that people are not running side to side to "overcap" flags and flip spawns constantly which just creates a mess.

  5. I was actually racking up good amts of views when I went to college and couldn't find the time to make videos once I went. Came back after college and now it's like my 10000 subs don't know I still post bc of YouTube's algorithm or what not. Got discouraged after 4 months. Instead of publishing videos right away I'm waiting until I can complete the series bc I'm taking 16 credit hours along with a 30+ hr workweek and think I can't retain someone over a long period of time. Should I start a new channel due to the algorithm or keep my old channel (literally has the same growth as a brand new channel at this point regardless of the size)? Your expertise would be much appreciated. Also, I'm no longer in my niche that I had built as it has become obsolete. @driftor

  6. I would take these spawn over bo4 where if someone even looks near a spawn area you spawn behind the entire enemy team who then spawns back behind you because the other team is still on the other side of the map.

  7. They should add a perk you can unlock that allows Killstreak-Takedowns and objectives to count towards your killstreak. It was just an idea I had that could be easy for them to implement to fix the issue sooner than later though.

  8. spawns have some really bad problems lol. seems like most the dom matches if you push there is a good chance you are going get spawned on. lot of times spawned in front of people hard scoping. kinda a pain.

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